Minimize your taxes and maximize your incoming funds for a retirement that allows you to live on your terms.



Plan Now For A Sustainable Retirement

Our advisors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. We can help you minimize taxes and associated fees so you get to keep more for your retirement. We’ll carefully go over both taxable and tax-deferral strategies to help protect your finances long-term. Once we’ve reviewed your situation, we can alert you to any tax advantages you may qualify for.


We will do our utmost to reduce your tax burden during retirement!

  • As a fiduciary, we always act on your best interest
  • We believe in sharing information freely to help you make the best decisions
  • Our process-driven approach leads to sound financial planning

Taxes In Retirement

Preventing Money from Falling Through the Cracks

Just because you’re enjoying your retirement doesn’t mean you’re free from Uncle Sam’s obligations. Our team at West Advisory Group will do an extensive review of your tax return to determine your current tax situation. We do this to find things like phantom income taxation, incorrect uses of taxable and tax-deferral strategies, and even missed opportunities for gains and accounting for losses. Once we know what your situation is, we can create a strategy to protect your finances over the long term.

Prepare with Confidence

Preparing for the future can be difficult, but not with our professionals by your side. We scrutinize all your financial records to find tax advantages you may have never heard of, and potentially reduce your income tax during retirement. After all, you’ve worked hard for what you’ve earned. We want to protect that for you.

Allow West Advisory Group to become your partner for life while keeping money in your pocket. Get in touch today to get started.

What To Ask Your Tax Specialist

Whether you’re retired, semi-retired, or retirement is still some years away, you can prepare yourself for taxes in retirement by asking your tax specialist key questions.

Our tax planning professionals will go over your situation with you in detail, and we encourage you to bring us your questions. Here are some of the topics we cover with many of our clients that we’ll be happy to cover with you. Let us know if you’d like to go over any of these in greater detail during your next appointment with the West Advisory Group:

  • Am I paying too much income tax?
  • What is and isn’t taxable?
  • What tax deferral strategies are available to me in retirement?
  • What are key ways to protect my financial picture before and after I retire?
  • If I’m retired but my significant other isn’t (or vice-versa), how will our status affect our taxes?
  • Am I paying too much in tax-related fees?
  • How do I protect my wealth portfolio against losses?
  • Can retirement planning help me budget for taxes I need to pay when I’m retired?

Our retirement planning and tax specialists will work closely with you to address these and other important concerns. Contact our Pittsburgh or Erie office today to schedule an appointment.



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