Investment risk isn't your only concern. Life can throw other curveballs that put your financial health at risk.



Finding The Right Balance

A financial advisor’s job is to help you find the right balance between risk and growth. Some risk is inevitable, especially if you want to grow your portfolio, but it’s important to manage this risk so that it doesn’t backfire. Talk to the financial specialists at the West Advisory Group to learn strategic, sound ways to manage your financial risk.


We can help you develop a sound approach to investing regardless of market conditions.

  • We are ready to answer your questions about managing risk when investing
  • Acting as a fiduciary, we make sure your best interest is always upheld
  • Our advisors believe in being transparent and educating clients on options

Risk Management

Including Health, Life, LTC, and Market

Ensuring that your investments pay off in retirement demands risk. Too much risk could result in losses that leave you stressed about your finances. Too little risk and you could end up in the same predicament. How much risk is enough?

With West Advisory Group, you’ll learn how to make smart and calculated investment risks, allowing you to feel confident in your portfolio and financial plan. We teach you how to diversify your portfolio, choose investment options with very low risk, and invest a reasonable amount in high-reward options. Together, we can show you the benefits of a diverse and well-planned investment strategy.

Breathe Easier with Our Help

Many people are worried about the risks associated with their long-term health, their life insurance plans, and whether their established investments and financial plans will protect them the way they hope. Allow us to walk you through every aspect of your retirement plan to help you feel more at ease with your decisions.

If you’re concerned about the risks in your current retirement plan, reach out to our team. With more than 30 years in the business, we’ve helped hundreds of people successfully retire without worry. We look forward to helping you do the same!

Risk Management Is Part Of The Financial Planning Process

At the West Advisory Group, we believe that knowing how to manage your risk is an integral part of sound financial planning. It’s a careful balance of understanding what level of risk you’re comfortable with and how much risk is appropriate when considering your overall financial picture.

Some of the risk management questions we can cover with you include the following:

  • What are time-tested risk management strategies for weathering market declines and economic instability?
  • Do you have enough of a financial cushion should your situation change due to a layoff, job change, incapacity, or any other unforeseen possibility?
  • What are some of the uncertainties we must consider during the risk management financial planning process?
  • What are ways to safeguard income and assets against unexpected losses?
  • What tools can be used at home to help with risk assessment?
  • How does risk management fit in with retirement planning?
  • What are the risks associated with retiring too early or too late?

As you can see, there are many points to consider when assessing risk management in investments. For financial planning services that take these points into account and provide healthy levels of risk management, get in touch with the West Advisory Group in Pennsylvania today!



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