We believe you deserve more out of your retirement.

Retirement planning can be complex. To be effective, you need a partner who is independent and objective and truly understands you and your needs.

The Philosophy Behind Our PEAK FORMula

At West Advisory Group, we are committed to bringing a process-driven approach to each client’s situation, while incorporating innovation and new ideas at every step along the way. All done with a keen focus on delivering best-in-class advice with exceptional service.

Our PEAK FORMula is our Signature Process. With West Advisory Group's PEAK FORMula, our clients receive a plan with the best choice in investments for them and them alone.

The PEAK FORMula is designed to clearly identify your goals for your lifestyle and finances, as well as develop a tailored financial strategy to confidently pursue them.


There are no pre-packaged solutions at West Advisory Group: your unique lifestyle, family, and legacy considerations all shape our approach.

We start with a conversation. You and our experienced team establish your goals and your appetite for risk and determine how to maximize your chances of success, on your terms.

Our Peak Process

Step One: Discovery

This meeting is about what’s important to you – no commitment required. We’ll clarify what makes WAG different and jointly assess your risk tolerance while listening closely to your lifestyle goals. 

This is your opportunity to tell us everything you want to see from your personalized plan, and so we can begin to work on a plan that will deliver on those wants if you decide to work with us.

Step Two: Analysis

Using the information gathered during our discovery meeting, we discuss how we can help you prepare for your financial goals.

We also elaborate on our philosophy in more detail and begin to dig more heavily into educating you on the strategies we will put in place for you.

We want you to be confident and comfortable in the plan we instate, so this is the best opportunity for you to ask us any question that comes to mind.

Step Three: Implementation & Allocation

We deliver your implementation-ready financial plan, built around real returns and designed to drive real results for you.

We’ll complete our client partnership agreement to begin traveling the path toward your lifestyle goals.

Step Four: Ongoing Strategies

Over the long term, we take a dedicated approach to connecting regularly to reassess goals, strategies, and progress. 

As a WAG client, you’ll have access to annual strategy updates and plan reviews, as well as milestone check-ins as needed, to adjust your plan to align with your evolving lifestyle goals.

What Makes Us Different

We deliver customized, prompt and attentive service.

Our clients want a single point-of-contact for direct answers to their financial needs - and we serve as that resource. In a world increasingly dominated by technology, our clients value the direct connection to our team. 

Our personalized service is a reflection of the client’s particular objectives and constraints. We believe advice is best given with full knowledge of the client’s complete financial picture. Our clients rely upon us for matters ranging from the routine to the extraordinary.

Retirement Planning customized to you

We believe you deserve more
out of your Retirement.