Meticulous, best-in-class service for the ones closest to you.

Want your loved ones to experience the kind of financial peace of mind you've found from working with us?

Allow us to introduce our new WAG Friends & Family Program.

Friends & Family

We cherish the relationships we've made with you and your loved ones over the years. Year after year, our business continues to grow and it's because of the wonderful introductions people like you have sent our way. 

We’re all about family here at West Advisory Group and we want to officially welcome you to ours. We are excited to introduce to you our WAG Friends & Family Program and all the exciting things that come with it!

Who Do I Introduce?


Someone who is retired or someone planning to retire soon


Someone who experienced a life event recently (inheritance, loss of spouse, change of jobs, and so on)

Second Opinion

Someone who is looking for another set of eyes 

Friends & Family Perks

Nothing makes us happier than having a real, positive impact in our community. That's why every time one of your introductions meets with an advisor on our team for an initial consultation, West Advisory Group will donate, in your honor, to one of our chosen charities of the year.

  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwestern PA
  • North Hills Community Outreach

How do I Introduce My Friends & Family?


WAG Events

The most fun way to introduce someone to West Advisory Group is to invite them to one of our many events throughout the year.


Virtual Introductions

Make a virtual introduction via email and we’ll take it from there.


Let's Do Lunch!

Call us to plan a private lunch or dinner.

How do I join?

Invite a friend or couple to schedule a visit with us. If they attend their complimentary meeting, you’re now a part of our Friends & Family program. It’s that simple! 

For every year you introduce one person to us, you’ll continue to be a member. We aren’t asking for a guarantee or for you to “sell” our services. We’re simply asking for an introduction.