Alan Pershing, MBA

Financial Planner in Pittsburgh, PA

Get to Know Alan

Alan has always been interested in financial planning, but when he personally saw the impact that adequate planning can have, he was even more motivated to make this his career.

After his dad passed away, his brother-in-law — a financial advisor — helped his family manage their finances and get through this tragic time.

This experience sparked Alan’s passion for helping his clients retire comfortably. He enjoys learning about his client’s unique situations and needs and making plans that will best serve their needs.

When Alan makes a recommendation for his clients, they know that he has studied their situation, educated them on his investment philosophy, and that he has catered their plan to their unique needs.

Through his personalized investment process, Alan is able to build strong, lifelong connections with his clients.

Another reason why Alan is drawn to such personal connections is that he grew up in a small community where all his neighbors were his friends.

He remembers all his friendships from childhood and still cherishes those relationships, as they taught him the trust and friendship he uses in his practice today.

Outside of the office, Alan really enjoys playing hockey. In fact, he’s played since he was 4 years old!

He also enjoys spending time with his fantastic wife, traveling, and fishing. He’s on his neighborhood’s HOA and enjoys helping and encouraging others in all that he does.

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