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Today’s retirement
isn’t like your parents'...
you need to be

Your retirement years aren't linear, far from it...

These years have many curves and knots along the way, all of which can conceal a big surprise bill at the end of them. 

To have a retirement that fits you and your family, you need a working FORMula that pulls its weight and works when you can’t.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Lauren S

Current Client

Walt and his staff had and have been a great blessing to me as I retired in 2020 and was unsure about my financial stability. Walt has met with me and been very reassuring. He patiently explains concepts I don’t understand and is just plain warm and gracious!

Walt and his support staff provide a balanced understanding. He is not afraid to have straightforward conversations specific to both good and bad portfolio results. Our conversations are spirited, direct and informational. Confident in our strategy exchanges and knowledge gained.

Kevin M

Current Client

Jim & Cindy T

Current Clients

Cindy and I are very pleased with the West Advisory Group as a whole. We try and not micromanage our account, leaving that to the pros at WAG. That being said, when we do have questions or would like to make a rare change, Walt and Alan have shown a willingness to discuss our thoughts, give us the pros and cons of what we are asking, and guide us in the right directions.

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Simply put,
a written retirement plan
won't cut it in today's age...
you need a working FORMula

Will your retirement savings outlive you?

Many people have fears of the unknown in retirement - are you a part of the 43% who have an idea of what you’ll do in retirement? Or are you ready to take action on your ideas and turn it into a fluid, dynamic process ready to take on all of your retirement years?


say their biggest fear is outliving their retirement savings and investments.


agree that they’re concerned that when they retire, Social Security will not be there for them.


have an idea of a financial strategy for retirement but haven’t written it down.

Jim& Cindy T

-Current Clients-

Cindy and I did a lot of homework and went through many meetings with various retirement planners before choosing the West Advisory Group. WAG met our needs at the start and has continued to do so for the past seven years.

We’re a perfect match for affluent clients who are about five years or less from retirement.

The soon-to-retire professionals we work with have specific needs now and in the future, that are aligned with our expertise and our process. Through our signature process and philosophy, we strive to provide exceptional service to many generations of your family.

Our proprietary process, The PEAK FORMula™, was forged through our decades of experience to fit your unique needs without falling prey to the one-size-fits-all cliches of today’s advisory firms.

The way we see it,
no two retirements should ever be the same
because no family or situation is the same...

Our approach to every retirement is this...

Our clients never need to spend a single iota of time worrying about what’s around the corner in their retirement.

In life, there are many things that are out of our control and, frankly, we don’t spend a lot of time worrying about them. Instead, we focus on the set of your sail rather than the direction of the wind.

With our PEAK FORMula™, we’ve developed and refined an approach that helps our clients put all the pieces of the puzzle together to ensure they are prepared for the unexpected.

When it comes to hurdles, our PEAK FORMula™ has been refined to guide you through them with ease.

Market Volatility and Legislative Changes don’t scare us, our team has been in all of the peaks and troughs for our 30+ years in the financial industry.

We’ve seen it all and our PEAK FORMula™ is designed specifically to navigate all of the rough roads that may come up ahead.

You don’t know what you don’t know—but we do.

Our clients always say: “I don’t know what I would do without you.”

We’ll work alongside you not only to help meet your financial goals but also plan for tomorrow and all of the days that follow through personalized attention, tailored strategies, and ongoing support. That’s what partnership at West Advisory Group means.

Jim & Kim D

-Current Clients-

Always informative, we feel West Advisory has put us on a path to succeed through retirement. We feel our interests are being carefully looked after. The Advisory Group is always striving to improve its investment technique to give its clients the best service.

Backed by extensive experience and good old-fashioned know-how: we’ve cracked the code on retirement through our PEAK FORMula™

Our clients experience something rare and wonderful - it’s a direct result of our forward-thinking, client-centric team. Not only are our people very talented and happy in their work - they’ll be with you and your family for a long time. 

With our team of experts and our PEAK FORMula™: we’re your personal CFO, your Complete Family Office. 

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